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Jason Willow is the story of a teenager who discovers he is the key to the hidden struggle between the demon summoning Brethren and the Redeemer families who have hunted them down for centuries. 


Jason and his family have been on the run ever since he can remember.  No one would tell him why but when he begins to develop supernatural abilities the truth is revealed - Jason's father has a secret past, a previous life of wielding arcane power to destroy demons and those who summon them.  As this terrifying new world opens up all around him Jason is tempted into the treacherous, deadly life his father swore to leave behind.


In an isolated abbey town Jason begins his training with a powerful Redeemer who used to work with his father.  But nothing in this sanctuary is what it seems and slowly, the ripples of Jason's unlocked abilities begin to draw in the darkness that has stalked him since birth.


Through a storm of new-found power, first love and betrayal it is time for Jason to learn what it really means to "Face Your Demons".



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Preview the much awaited Book 2 in the Jason Willow series.


My Enemy's Enemy


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Jason Willow Book 1 - (PDF)



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